A new work premiered Oct 2016, which will continue to be developed during 2017/2018 and toured widely in 2019, the year of Watt’s bicentenary.
website : wattsorbit.org
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Worked as lead artist/facilitator with a group of home educated children to design and build this Harmonograph – an instrument invented in Victorian times which uses pendulums /gravity to draw graphical representations of the harmonic series:

H3P2Scan 1H3P3ScanH2P2Scan

More images of the build process at avacurate.com/gallery

Commissioned for AVA Exhibition -Seeing With Sound  – March 20-23/ 2015

Sound design for Birmingham based artist David Rowan’s solo exhibition, ‘Pacha Kuti X’, a new moving image work exploring the unknown underground sub-infrastructure of Birmingham.
Exhibited at Eastside Projects 17th MArch – 5th May 2012