The second performance of Watt’s Orbit, an immersive multi speaker sound performance by Bobby Bird, will take place on September 23d at St Mary’s Church Great Bedwyn, nr Marlborough in Wiltshire. This will coincide with a steaming weekend at nearby Crofton Beam Engines where the 200 year old Bolton & Watts engine which features in the composition, can be viewed before the concert.
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A new work premiered Oct 2016, which will continue to be developed during 2017/2018 and toured  in 2019, the year of Watt’s bicentenary.
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Worked as lead artist/facilitator with a group of home educated children to design and build this Harmonograph – an instrument invented in Victorian times which uses pendulums /gravity to draw graphical representations of the harmonic series:

H3P2Scan 1H3P3ScanH2P2Scan

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Commissioned for AVA Exhibition -Seeing With Sound  – March 20-23/ 2015

Sound design for Birmingham based artist David Rowan’s solo exhibition, ‘Pacha Kuti X’, a new moving image work exploring the unknown underground sub-infrastructure of Birmingham.
Exhibited at Eastside Projects 17th MArch – 5th May 2012