Commissioned by Shambala Festival for The Woodland Wilderness 2009

A 25 metre diameter circular sound stage, in 10.1 moving stereo , visually defined by a lighting installation comprising 40 x 1000 litre IBC containers with DMX controlled luminares inside. The sound system could be constantly tweaked or tuned to work with different tracks or soundscapes, which were selected over the course of three nights by Bobby Bird and Mark Bunegar (Modulate)

Audio tech: custom 10.2 rig comprising of 10 x Nexo PS 8s flown in the trees, plus a larger stereo system based on the ground, with a smaller 10.2 monitoring system inside a yurt control centre. The stereo signal was programmed using Max/MSP to be filtered & panned around the 10 speakers in different directions or in a random panning mode. The stereo system on the ground was able to receive the full frequency spectrum or be used as the sub for the 10 surround speakers, effects could also be added &  filtered & panned independently to the stereo signal.

Concept, sound design and lighting programming by Bobby Bird.

With thanks to Dave Checkley, and his crew Chloe and Ant for technical support, and the rest of the Modulate crew, Joseph, Scylla and Mark and Martin.