Birmingham Sound Matter

I was one of seven West Midland’s artists who worked on Birmingham Sound Matter, a project directed by international sound artist Francisco Lopez, in collaboration with Modulate. Using sound sourced from around the city, 8 tracks were created, culminating in a CD release on Audiobulb, and a concert performance at Ikon Eastside. I contributed the track ‘Combustion’

An octophonic sound installation designed for Modulate Listening Environment at the Birmingham Chuckworks

 Its Like Love Is
An interactive sound and light installation, collaborative project with artist Geoff Broadway

Light Tree
A bespoke lighting installation within the trees, for Modulate at Shambala Festival ; 60 incandecent light bulbs, individually computer controlled via DMX, creating a moving shadow-scape in combination with the surrounding leaves and branches. Design and DMX programming B.Bird.

Sound Installation using location recordings from the industrial locality of the Xray Factory in Smethwick, re- presented through an 8.1 multi speaker array placed in a stairwell, the sounds traveling along banisters between two floors. Composition / Max/MSP programming / sound design B.Bird